Our scheduled delivery is the most economical service for your regularly scheduled, time-sensitive pickups and deliveries. We will work with you to develop a customized schedule route that will meet your recurring delivery needs. This economical service is excellent for mail or inter-company deliveries, and for any local or out-of-town pre-established activity.

What we do

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10 years of Service we have satisfied Clients Including: Physicians, Lawyers, Judges, Academic Institutions, Police, Military and Government Officials & MNC'S.


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Domestic Transport

We offer our services through a vast fleet of specialized transport vehicles for your varied road transportation requirements.

Air Freight

We are associated with a airlines to provide Airport to Airport services for your freight shipments on very lucrative rates and we are also have local team to deliver your cargo in estimated time.

Sea Freight

King Worldwide have a wide experience in sea freight forwarding as well. It ensures efficient handling of your cargoes by providing appropriate vessels and handling the related formalities with ease.

Dangerous Goods

Dangerous or Hazardous Goods shipping is a very complex process and it should always be handled by a professional that has a high level of expertise in the transportation of hazardous goods.