Courier Franchisees

As business owners, our franchisees provide an unrivalled consistency and local knowledge at both delivery and pickup points.

No hidden charges

Account keeping and other hidden fees can spiral your freight costs.

Parcel coverage

We include limited liability coverage at no extra cost. (Conditions apply)

Our company

King world wide courier is specilizing in more than 10 branded international and domestic courier connection with electornic tracking number. Our customer appreciate because we provide all branded courier under one root.

We are confident then you will find the best rate and assuring you of your best services and kind attention at all times. In additional to our services we offer your needs.

Our expertise

Air Freight
Sea Freight

Our services

Online track and trace facilities

Online parcel tracking and signature proof of delivery within minutes.

No redelivery fees

These can really add up and are particularly important when delivering to residential customers.


No booking required with our daily designated pickup times.


An easy to use system which frees you up to focus on your core business and your customers.

King World Wide Courier & Cargo aim is to provide excellent service and persue the high-goal for future.

What do we offer


1). We Deliver Our Shipment thourgh Air,Oceans and Surface.
2). Puntuality is One Of Our Primary Goal.
3). We Have Well Equiped Staff To Fill Your Requirement.


1). We Deliver Safe And Secure Packages.
2).Packages and Documents Are Picked From Home And Delivered To Respective Consignee.

Satisfied Client

1). We Have Over 10000 Plus Happy Clients.
2). We Have Customized Business Chain For Different Types Of Firms.
3). Client Satisfaction Is One Of Our Primary Goal.


1). We Are in this business for past years.
2). We Deliver Domestic As well as International.
3). We Have Customized Business Chain supply for all type of Firms.

Our Features

Safe Delivery

Efficient and safe delivery of your consignments.

Fleet of Transport System

Hand-carrying valuable documents without any delay.

Desk Pickups

Offering Desk pickups and Door deliveries at no extra cost.

Extensive Network

Extensive Network in All over India covering all interior locations

Cargo Service

Cargo service by Air/Surface available to all destinations.

Customized Service

Customized service packages to fit specific needs.

Hub Center

Network supervision by Hub center in-charges.

Desk Pickups

Offering Desk pickups and Door deliveries at no extra cost.

Why choose us

At King Worldwide, we understand how stressful it can be to have all of your cherished belongings packed up and shipped off to cross the ocean in a plane or aboard a ship. As part of our commitment to helping you ensure your employees have a smooth transition to their new homes, we provide services whose quality and level of personalization no other company can match.

Our history goes back 400 years to a time when moving meant loading everything up on a horse-drawn carriage. Over all this time, we've established an unparalleled network of service providers and developed processes that no other company will be able to compete with the moving experience we can offer you.

King Worldwide has multilingual experts all over the world - people with local experience and knowledge who understand your destination and the challenges that your employees might face during their move.

Our partners