Frequently asked questions


KING WORLDWIDE is a online application that aims to reshape your courier experience by allowing you to compare, choose and book a shipment on one platform. Our logistics team will then make the pickup at your doorstep and we will connect the shipment to the courier service of your choice.

Shipping has never been easier!
KING WORLDWIDE is currently available on iOS and Android devices. Just download it from the App Store or Google Play.
From personal Courier to Commercial Shipment, KING WORLDWIDE sends anything individuals or businesses would normally ship via courier.

Due to custom regulations certain items cannot be sent. Please make sure you check the Prohibited Items.
On clicking Order History in the menu screen on your mobile application you can view the status of your current order. We will also provide you with important notifications on your shipment during transit to keep you informed.
The "Who's shipping" section on the mobile application is a one-time standard requirement of identification proof for us to be able to process a shipment. We will store your details so your next order is a lot smoother and quicker. This is necessary for the overall security of your shipment and for efficient order processing. We will not deliver orders without adequate proof of identification.
We open and inspect the contents of your shipment at the KING WORLDWIDE warehouse to make sure they are within the acceptable items for carriage and do not violate our terms of use. It also helps ensure that we don't encourage shady business!
We highly recommend you accurately weigh the shipment before placing your order on KING WORLDWIDE. Try using a regular doctor weighing scale for a good approximation.This will help us provide you with the best KING WORLDWIDE price and courier service. However, our pick up staff will re-weigh your items at the door during the pickup and changes in your price, if any, will be calculated at the door itself.
You will have to contact us to edit your order details. If you have skipped "What's in the Box" our customer service team will reach out to you and verify your order contents.
On clicking Order History in the menu screen on your mobile application you can view your order and cancel it on the spot. Please note there will be additional charges if you cancel your order after it has been successfully picked up.
You can do this simply by clicking on the "repeat order" option in the Order History tab from the menu screen on your mobile application.
You can either pay on the KING WORLDWIDE platform through an integrated payment gateway or pay by cash at the time of pick up.
Businesses, including SMEs, retailers and e-commerce sellers, rely on KING WORLDWIDE to save them time and money on shipping. At KING WORLDWIDE we do not distinguish between individual shippers or businesses. The more you ship, the more you save.
KING WORLDWIDE automatically applies volume discounts and rewards for frequent shippers. Once you reach the required monthly volume, all subsequent shipments will automatically reflect the new discounted pricing.
KING WORLDWIDE has an excellent network in place to ship your international packages through FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT, Aramex, Skynet, Skycom.

Pickup FAQ

Once you have placed an order on the KING WORLDWIDE platform you can sit back and wait for us to collect the package at your doorstep. Our customer service team will get in touch with you depending on the information you have provided us. Please note we will need some proof of identification to successfully connect the shipment to your courier service provider. This can be done at the door if necessary.
We make 2 pickup attempts at no additional charge. A second failed pickup results in the order being automatically cancelled. However, you can repeat a cancelled order in a few clicks from the KING WORLDWIDE application itself.
At the time of pickup, our staff is instructed to temporarily box your items and add a tamper proof seal to it. If you have already boxed your items, then just a tamper proof seal will be placed on the box. Once the box is completely ready for pick up, the driver will take a picture of the sealed box and will send you a "picked up" notification.
If you have not taken a picture of your proof of identification and are not available during the time of the pickup we will require some identification of the person handing over the package to us at the door. You can alternatively upload this picture after the pickup has been made but the shipment will be on hold at our warehouse until we have the required documents.
Our pick up team is highly trained and thoroughly vetted. They can be easily recognized wearing the KING WORLDWIDE uniform and cap.
When our driver is 45-60 minutes away, he will send you a "Driver Arriving notification". This is a pop up notification you will receive on your mobile phone and will give you enough time to be prepared with the items you are sending and ease the pick up process.
A personal shipment is generally sent from one individual to another. A typical commercial shipment is sent between two businesses, items that are either sent for testing or for commercial purposes. This requires additional documentation which you can review when placing a commercial shipment order. Get in touch with us atinfo@kingworldwidecourier.com or call us 02065003111 to know more.
Yes we do! Some items, depending on their value or on the receiver of those goods, require additional documentation and go through a thorough customs process. When such a need arises, we will get in touch with you and send the required documents with the pick up staff. You will have to complete and sign the necessary documents. Please note for such instances, the shipper will have to be present at the door.
All international shipments are subject to an assessment of duty depending on the value of the goods and the country you are shipping to. All shipments are typically held and released only once the duty amount has been paid to the appropriate custom authorities. Since this is difficult to accurately estimate at the origin, the courier service provider you select will pay this tax on your behalf. We will intimate this to you and get in touch to collect this from you. Sometimes, the courier service may ask for this amount from the recipient and supporting paperwork will be provided at the time.
This is because of the volumetric weight of your box. The volumetric weight is calculated and compared with the actual weight of the shipment; the higher weight is used to calculate the shipment cost. For example, a pillow is light but occupies more space as opposed to a book which is heavy but occupies less space. Hence, even though they are the same weight, the pillow might cost more to ship than the book.

(Length*Width*Height)/5000 for packages measured in centimeters
(Length*Width*Height)/306 for packages measured in inches
For any refund related question you must email at info@kingworldwidecourier.com or call us on 9096280283. Refunds shall be made using the same payment mode as at the time of booking (Card/ Net Banking/ Cash). Refunds will take seven (7) days to process.
Courier companies have a list of pin codes that are not easily accessible and are difficult to serve. Delivering to such destinations require extra resources and added costs. These sets of pin codes are called remote area pin codes and the charge associated with making a delivery is called a remote area surcharge.
This is because of the volumetric weight of your box. The volumetric weight is calculated and compared with the actual weight of the shipment; the higher weight is used to calculate the shipment cost. For example, a pillow is light but occupies more space as opposed to a book which is heavy but occupies less space. Hence, even though they are the same weight, the pillow might cost more to ship than the book.
We try to make your life easy by providing you with a wide range of ready-made boxes but if you are keen on packaging your items we advise you to follow some basic guidelines:
  • Make sure the box you choose is suitable for the contents you are trying to send.
  • Use a corrugated box and whenever possible, use a new box. The more you use a box, the more it loses its original protective qualities and so a previously used box may not protect your shipment adequately.
  • Use fillers like crumpled newspaper, bubble wrap and other cushioning material to protect your items. For items like rolled paper (banners, paintings etc.) use triangular tubes.
  • If you think you have any large items that do not fit our boxes, give us a call– we're always here to help and advise.
  • To close a box securely apply tape evenly across flaps and seams to both the top and bottom of the outer box - Do not use masking tape, cellophane tape, duct tape, string, or paper over-wrap. Instead, use a strong tape that will not tear during the transit.
  • If you think you've exceeded the maximum weight allowance of 30kgs, stand on a regular bathroom scale with your contents and subtract your weight to find out the weight of your items – you might look silly doing this but it is an effective way to weigh your package.
  • And finally, make sure that you do not have any unecessary stickers or labels on your box.
We take great care to ensure that KING WORLDWIDE remains secure and protected. You have nothing to worry about with respect to your privacy either. We do not provide any information about you to anybody. Your personal information and order details remain on our servers and are secured. Our online payment gateway is widely used and with a two-step verification process, your payments are secure. You can read our Privacy Policy as well. In general, use a secure internet connection when paying online, watch your bank statements and report suspicious activity immediately.
You can insure your shipment through KING WORLDWIDE. We calculate how much this costs based on the value of your package. We recommend that you buy insurance for valuable shipments! Our insurance is comprehensive and packages are insured from pick up till delivery.
Submitting a claim is easy. Just write to us at info@kingworldwidecourier.com Mention your order number and spell out what has gone wrong in as much detail as possible. We will look into it and get back to you quickly. Make sure your claim is submitted within seven (7) days from the date of delivery.